Kitchen Favorites


Kitchen Tools:

Tony Chacheres Seasoning Creole – I legit sprinkle this on everything! This seasoning replaces my salt and pepper most of the time and has the perfect balance of heat, salt and garlic. I love to put this on grilled chicken it’s a must. Another thing I love to do with this is to mix some into plain greek yogurt for a “seasoned sour cream dip” eat it with chips or top it on tacos or soup.

Milk Frother – If you do not have one of these by now you must! It makes a world of difference to froth up your creamer or milk with this before you pour it into your coffee. I have been so into the cold brews with cold foam from Starbucks and wanted to find something to this that I could easily whip up in the morning. I discovered this nifty tool and it has changed my coffee game! I love to froth my creamer with a little cinnamon and pour right on top of my hot or cold coffee giving it that velvety smooth top with every sip.

Tajin – I had a margarita at a restaurant in Chicago and they had this salt on the rim and immediately when I tried this I was obsessed! The lime, salt, and chili flavors pair so well with a classic margarita, you will never want to use normal salt again! If you are into michelada’s then you love this trick sprinkle some Tajin into a Mexican beer with lime and a little hot sauce and boom there you have it!

Leggings – Legit the best! So cozy, breathable and comfy!

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