Easy Rotisserie Chicken Tacos Topped with a Radish Salsa

Looking for an impressive super easy and quick meal? Look no further! This super easy and quick taco dinner will be sure to win over whoever you make it for. The radish salsa and cotija cheese fancy up this simple dish making it look like it’s takeout or from a restaurant. The radish salsa has the prettiest pink hue to it and gives your taco that nice crunch packed with zesty cilantro-lime flavor. The homemade taco seasoning is something you can just whip up with basic ingredients you already have in your pantry (no more seasoning packets)! I love to make a big batch to keep the seasoning on hand.

Black Bean, Jalapeño, Corn Tacos with a Creamy Cilantro Lime Slaw

Literally this recipe is so quick and easy to make and is perfect for a meatless monday or taco tuesday! The crunch of the hard shell taco stuffed with the meaty, spicy blackbean mixture paired with the sweetness of the corn and topped with the fresh tangy creamy slaw make your tastebuds go haywire!

Mediterranean Greek Salad with Spicy Greek Yogurt Dressing

I am obsessed with Noodles & Company Mediterranean Salad! It’s spicy and creamy plus it has noodles in the salad. I mean how can you go wrong with that. The greek yogurt dressing gives it some nice added protein but for even more top with sliced grilled chicken breasts. Prep this salad for the week for a healthy and light lunch. I keep my dressing on the side and top it when I am ready to eat. Check out my spin on their mediterranean salad recipe.

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